IIT Kanpur, in 2001 established the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering (BSBE) to act as focal point for research in the area of Health and Biotechnology. Thereby, in order to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country and utilize the IITK expertise as well as resources, BIRAC under BISS established new world class Bio-incubator at IIT Kanpur. The bio-incubator facility set-up at SIIC, IIT Kanpur provides a platform to facilitate bio-entrepreneurship and thereby to promote scientific imagination and creation.

List of Available Equipments

EquipmentCharges (INR)Details
3D printer10/g (PLA)Zmorph,
VX Multitool Full Set
Double Distillation Unit10/LBorosil,
Double Distillation Unit(Quartz)1.5 L
Ice Making Machine10/L or 10/KgBIOGEN,
Biosafety Cabinet for Mammalian cell Culture100/HourThermo Fischer Scientific, Dimension 1300 x 1568 x 800mm
High Temperature Furnace100/HourMahendra Scientific,
Temperature range1100, Inner Dimension 150 x 150 x 300mm
Microprocessor Controlled Refrigerated Table Top Centrifuge100/HourMarks (INDIA),
Max RPM 15000 , 1.5ml, 50ml,10ml rotors
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer100/HourEppendorf, 200-830nm, cuvette volume 300 to 3000ul
Vertical Autoclave-Separator (120L)100/HourSupreme Chemicals,
Elisa Reader 100/Hour or only included in 'SIIC Grande'Bio-Rad Labs, 400-750nm, Photometric Range 0.000-3.500 OD, Resolution 0.001 OD
Laminar Air Flow for bacterial Work100/Hour OR 2500/monthMahendra Scientific, 4*2*2 Feet
CO2 Incubator Shaker Floor 100/Hour/limited volume or only included in 'SIIC Grande'Eppendorf, S41i, Temp 4 C ̊to 50 C ̊,CO2 range 0.2-20%, 25-400 rmp
Biochemical Analyzer 100/RunSACA 19900,
Sample Volume 0-300 µl
3L Microbial Fermenter/Fermenter 150/Hour or only included in 'SIIC Grande'Eppendorf, 3 L, pH(2-14), DO (0-200%),stirrer speed (50-1200) RPM
Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave(220L)200/HourOLSC-102, 220L
Inverted bright field microscope Camera200/HourIX53, Fluoresent 4X 10X/20X and 40X
High -Performance Liquid Chromatography200/Hour or only included in 'SIIC Grande'Thermo Fisher, 3000 UHPLC, , flow rate range: 0.2-10 ml/min (0.001-10 ml/min),
Pressure range: 2-62 MPa (290-9000 psi)
Electric Focusing System200/RunIII MINI IEF CELL, voltage 0,50-10,000 V,
Temp. range 10–25ºC, Timer Control : 99 :59min.
PCR200/RunEppendorf, Mastercycler,
Sample Capacity 96X0.2ml, Temp. Range:4-99 degree
-80 Deg Deep Freezer 2200/100cc/month or only included in 'SIIC Grande' Eppendorf,U570 ,86 Degree, 570 L with 10 racks
Liquid Nitrogen Storage System-Animal cell Line Storage250/200ml/month or only included in 'SIIC Grande'Nu Tek, Classic 4002,
Storage capacity of 4000 Vilas of 2ml, Capacity: 120 L
Western Blot Unit250/RunBio-Rad, Transfer two 7.5X10 cm gels
Lab Scale Liquid Chromatography System 300/Hour or only included in 'SIIC Grande'Bio-Rad,NGC Quest Plus, UV-190-800nm, 4 wavelengths
Bacteriological Incubator50/HourSigma,Dimension 600*450*450 mm,
temperature range 40 ̊C.Temperature accuracy 0.5 ̊C .
Electrochemical cell and electrodes 50/HourKanopy Techno Solutions, PGLyte 1.0
Filtration assembly 50/HourTarsons, 500ml
Incubator Shaker (Microbial)High Precision50/HourOSI-180, 20 to 300rmp.
Tray size 200X200 to two 18-place racks for 15ml glass tubes.
Soxhlet assembly 50/HourMahendra,4 Heating Coils 500ml
Table Top Centrifuge w/o cooling50/Hour Sigma,2-16P, 1500RPM, 24*1.5
Vacuum Oven 50/HourMahendra
Vertical Electrophoresis Unit50/HourBio-Rad,Volume 120 ml, Power 220/240V.
Fume hood50/Hour or 200/day or 3000 per monthMahendra
Gel Documents System 2D 50/Hour or only included in 'SIIC Grande'Bio-Rad,CCD 1392X1040 pixel, UV Transilluminator with 254,302 & 365 nm
CO2 Incubator75/Hour or only included in 'SIIC Grande' Eppendorf,170L,Temp 4 ̊C to 50 ̊C ,CO2 Range: 0.2% to 20%.
Centralized Gas Supply UnitAs per gas usageAbhigayan, Working Pressure 200 Bars
12 Channel Auto PipetteIncluded in packageEppendorf ,10ul-5ml
Analytical BalanceIncluded in packageMS 205 DU, Analytical Balance 200 g,
weighing pan: Ø80mm
Chiller Included in packageAT-WB-10
Chromatography Refrigerator Included in packageThermo REC5004V,
Temperature 1 to 80C , volume L,
Circulating Water Bath DigitalIncluded in package Bio-Lab Temp. Range Amb. 80 C
Compound microscope with camera Included in packageCamera ,Objectives lens 4X, 10X, 20X and 40X.
Conductivity Meter Included in packageTemp Range 0.0 to 100.0 ̊C / 32.0 to 212.0 ̊F
Dry Block/ Heating Block Included in packageMoss, 15x1.5ml
Glassware dryer Included in packageBorosil/16Pegs
Heating magnetic stirrerIncluded in packageRemi 500ml
Heating MantleIncluded in package500ml
Hot gunIncluded in package50-600 Degree celcius
Hydrothermal autoclaveIncluded in packageMahendra
Inverted Bright Field Microscope (w/o camera)Included in packageObjectives lens 4X, 10X, 20X and 40X.
IR temperature meterIncluded in packageFluke 62Max
Magnetic Stirrer Included in packageRemi 500ml
MicrometerIncluded in packageMeasuring range: 0~150 mm/ 0~6 inch.
Resolution: 0.01mm/ 0.0005 in.
Micropipette setIncluded in packageEppendorf,
30-300 µL ,5-10 µL or 10-100 µL or 100- 1000 µL
Microwave OvenIncluded in package
OsmometerIncluded in package ChroMLine,K-7400, Range 0-3500 mOsm Kg/H2.
Peristaltic PumpIncluded in packageFlow Rate- 100ml/Minute
pH Meter Included in packageWENSOR 5 POINT CALIBRATION
RefrigeratorIncluded in package4 Degree
Rocker Table Top SpinnerIncluded in packageTARSONS
UltraSonicatorIncluded in package12 L wensor
Variable Power supply Included in packageAplab,0-32VDC,0-2A MAX
VortexIncluded in packageVM-96B, Max. Speed 0-3000 RPM
Weighing BalanceIncluded in packagePGB-200, Wensor
High Speed centrifuge (Floor Model) Supper Speed500/Hour or only included in 'SIIC Grande'Sorvall LYNX 6000,Capacity up to 6 L, maximum RCF - 100,605 or more, temperature range-20 ̊C -40 ̊C.
- 20 Degree1000/Month for Single Tray Biosync, NFG-450, 450 L,
Temperature Range: -17 °C -24 °C, Shelves 5 .
Trans-Blot Turbo Instrument200/RunBioRad, Run Time-3 to7 Minutes
Table Top Spinner100/HourMoss, 3000 to 10000RPM


SIIC Regular Package

  • Lab Storage Space
  • All Instruments except Grande Package
  • Does not include Clean Room

SIIC Grande Package

  • Access to All Instruments
  • Lab Storage Space

Clean Room

  • Access to Clean Room Area
  • Lab storage available in the cleanroom
  • No Instrument except clean room

Payment Mode

  1. Cheque: In favor of Registrar, IIT Kanpur
  2. Online Payment Transfer:
    A/C Name: Registrar, IIT Kanpur
    Bank Name: State Bank of India, Branch IIT Kanpur
    A/C No. 10426002126
    IFS Code: SBIN0001161

Also it is requested to send the payment receipts to Mr. Aditya Sarin ( & Ms. Ratna Kolhi ( )

For any query, please write to Mr. Aditya Sarin through email – asarin {at}