India overcomes COVID-19

The growing presence of COVID‑19, popular named in the Indian subcontinent threatens the same human costs as elsewhere in the world. With weak health infrastructure and testing facilities, we are only a few weeks away to face a major health crisis. We belive our country’s innovators can give this a tough fight with their sophisticated minds.


SIIC IIT Kanpur, in association with Indian Angel Network (IAN) and IIT Kanpur, is inviting applications of innovation that are ready to deploy immediately or can be introduced if catastrophic situations prevail in the near future to curb this pandemic. After a quick assessment, promising innovations will get support in the following manner:

  • Financial support
  • Industrial support 
  • Technology and engineering support 
  • Operational support 


The assessment criteria will include readiness for deployment, scientific validity, feasibility, and impact and the assessment will happen on daily-basis. If we find your idea, design or prototype to be helpful, we will help you accelerate and deploy.