A 3D Integrated Universal Digital Gate

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention is a device configured to create digital logic gates, comprising a first layer fabricated using amorphous semiconducting material sandwiched between metal of either work function, to provide a diode logic OR/AND gate, a second layer configured over the first layer as a means for inverting the output from the first layer fabricated using an insulator, amorphous semiconductors and metal electrodes, a common metal layer acting as output contact for first layer and input contact for second layer, and wherein the metal contact at the input side may be varied, and the output electrode of first layer of OR/ AND gate and input electrode of second layer of inverter are merged into a single metal layer to get a single device working as NOR/ NAND gate.


Prof.B.Mazhari,EE Ankita gangwar,EE(PhD Student)



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