A Device for Measuring the Amount of Fuel Introduced Into a Vehicle

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention is a device for measuring the quantity of liquid, more particularly to an apparatus attached to a fuel tank for measuring the quantity of fuel pumped into the fuel tank of a vehicle. It includes a connecting part, a removable hub, a magnetic Impeller and a casing . The magnetic impeller and a hall sensor provided within the casing comprise the flow meter. The casing supports the magnetic impeller and the hall sensor. The complete assembly of so many parts is so designed and assembled that it can be fitted in small space inside the window of fuel tank inlet area. User will be able to get information about the quantity of fuel filled on his/her cell phone with the help of wireless connectivity.


Dr.Nachiketa Tiwari(ME), Mahendra Kumar Gohil(Student,ME), Saurabh Zajam(Student,ME),Sandep Kumar(Student,ME),Ankur Dwivedi(Student,ME),Madhavrao Londhe(Student,ME),Shalab Vaishnav(Student,DP)



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