A Foldable Wing Design of an Improved Flapping Wing Aerial Vehicle

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to ornithopters which are air vehicles that utilize flapping wings to sustain flight. Invention is a design for folding wing of a flapping wing flying vehicle that mimics the wing kinematics of a real bat with lesser mechanical parts. The folding mechanism reduces the wing area during upstroke to decrease the upstroke effort, utilizes improved arrangement of links to distribute the structural loads mainly by bending, tensile and compressive forces. Due to forward sweep the vehicle experiences a pitch up moment and with backward sweep, the vehicle experiences a pitch down moment during down stroke and the opposite during upstroke. The wings develops both forward and backward sweep in our design in order to nullify the pitch up and pitch down oscillations. The optimum design for the minimum torsion depends on the relative dimensions of the links and pivots. In the proposed design, the wing folding mechanism dramatically improves the flying performance with a span ratio of 0.69 to 1 obtained by optimizing the lengths of the linkages executing the folding movement.


Dr.Debopam Das(AE), Mr.Gaurav Seth(Student,AE), Mr.Joydeep Bhowmik(PhD Student,AE)



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