A Mechanical Scriber to Isolate Solar Cells During Monolithic Fabrication of Organic Solar Cell Modules on Substrates

Non-Confidential description of the invention

This invention is a mechanical scribing apparatus. Monolithic integration of individual solar cells in series is an essential step in making solar modules for practical use. This invention presents a mechanical scriber that can be extremely useful to isolate one solar cell from another during monolithic fabrication of organic solar cell modules on flexible substrates for sheet to sheet (S2S) and roll to roll (R2R) process. The use of the scriber need not be limited to a solar cell. It may be used to make any device or types of devices (transistor, OLED, etc.) which are built by depositing material and they need to be isolated from region or the other.


Mr. Eswaran Jayaraman (NCFE), Dr. S.S.K. Iyer (EE)



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