A Method for Classifying Touch Response on a Capacitive Touch Screen Panel and Apparatus Thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention provides a method and apparatus for determining a type of touch response associated with one or more touch events on a capacitive touch screen panel. The method comprising a tapping on said capacitive touch screen panel to provide the plurality of input corresponding to said touch response. We intend to implement this pressure detection on a normal capacitive touch device through software application without a physical screen layer or hardware to detect pressure. An android-app is developed for smartphones that work on capacitive touch-screen and sense two different levels of pressure,i.e., hard and soft. Android-studio software is used for developing this application which provides Java classes for accessing the size of the fingerprint touching the screen and average pressure applied by the finger on the screen, both values calibrated between zero and unity.


Mr. Aarsh Prakash Agarwal (B.Tech, EE), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE)



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