A Method for Fabricating Microlens Array of SU-8 Photoresist and Microlens Array Thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to a fabrication method of a microlens array (MLA) of SU8 photoresist and an MLA fabricated using the same, and more particularly, to a method using the liquid immersion dewetting of a commercial negative photoresisit, SU-8 in fabricating microlens with controllable contact angles for applications in Opto-electronic devices. An object of the present invention is to provide an improved and wide method for fabricating microlens array that overcomes the typical lithographic limitations and provides much better control over array placement and curvature also to provide a simple and versatile fabrication method of creating microlens arrays of a commercial photoresist which is compatible with visible spectrum and thus ideal for optical applications.


Prof.Ashutosh Sharma(CHE), Mr.Manish Kulkarni (Senior Scientific of ficer,Center for Nanosciences), Ms.Priyanka Sachan (CHE)



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