A Method for Transforming the Wettability of a Surface

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present Invention relates to a method of modifying the nature of a conducting or a semiconducting surface, this in particular provides a method for transforming a surface from hydrophilic to hydrophobic nature by customizing various parameters like microwave power, neutral gas pressure, Irradiation time, flux etc. of the energy source. The method transforms the wettability of metallic surfaces by implanting microwave plasma generated low energy inert gaseous ions. The low energy ion bombardment used in the method does not introduce appreciable damage on metals.


Mr. Sanghamitro Chatterjee(Phd Student, Phy), Dr. Sudeep Bhattacharjee(Phy), Mr. Sanjeev K Maurya(Phd student, Phy), Mr. Vyas Srinivasan(Phd student, ME), Dr. Krishnacharya Khare(Phy), Dr. Sameer Khandekar(ME)



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