A method of fabrication of bi-convex optical lens and optical lens thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to the design of solid optical lenses useful for a variety of optical applications, for example, optical microscopy, concentrating laser light, optical metrology, light-emitting diodes and the like. In conventional methods, it has not been possible to fabricate these lenses primarily because of the complexity of their geometry. In this invention, a method to fabricate optical lenses by a flexible, transparent sheet with a small punctured hole as a substrate, on which a small quantity of a crosslinkable liquid is released. A portion of the liquid flows through the hole and form a hanging droplet from the bottom surface of the sheet while the rest of the liquid accumulate on its top surface forming a sessile droplet. The shape and the size of the droplets is determined by several factors, e.g. surface tension, density and viscosity of the liquid, the wettability of top and bottom surfaces of the substrate, diameter of the hole punctured on its, its thickness and its temperature.


Dr.Animangsu Ghatak(ChE), Mr.Abhijit Chandra Roy(PhD Student,ChE),Mr.Mridul Yadav(M.Tech Student,ChE)



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