A Method of Manufacturing an Organic Semiconductor Film having Improved Conductivity

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention relates to an organic semiconductor. Particularly, it relates to a method of manufacturing an organic semiconductor film having an improved conductivity. This film may be incorporated in electronic devices to achieve a superior performance. As an example, we have chosen a film of PTB7, a popular organic semiconductor used to build organic solar cells, to demonstrate the invention. The film sandwiched between gold (Au) and Indium PEDOT:PSS/ITO was fabricated . It was characterized to determine its I-V characteristics at room temperature. Then the device was taken to a low temperature and a bias was applied for 1 minute. The current-voltage characteristics of the structure before and after the treatment are given. After the treatment, it is apparent that more current is transported in the device for the application of same voltage.


Dr. S.S.K. Iyer (EE), Mr. Anirban Bagui (PhD Student, Physics)



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