A Patient Transfer System

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to a patient shifting / transfer system, and more particularly to a system with a retrofit mechanism that can be fitted on to any of the existing stretcher to convert it into a patient shifting / transfer stretcher, where a patient is automatically shifted from one stretcher to another with the assistance of just one person. Wherein the system comprises a casing on either ends of the systems forming the supports of the system, a stretcher assembly comprising a base metal connecting the two ends of the said supports of the system wherein the stretcher assembly is configured to function as a sliding stretcher to place the patient, a roller assembly comprising plurality of rollers having driver rollers and driven rollers.


Ashish Mohandas (Student, DP), Dr. Nachiketa Tiwari (ME), Dr. Sanjay Behari (SGPGI)



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