A Process for Making Superhydrophobic Galvanized Steel

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to galvanized steel, basically it provides a process for making a superhydrophobic steel comprising steps of dipping a galvanized steel for 18 -24 hours at 60-70̊C in a solution of 91:4:5 wt.% mixture of DI water, N-N dimethylacetamide and 2-methoxyethanol for creating a vertically aligned ZnO nano rods microstructure, dipping the galvanized steel in second solution mixture of 47:2:1 wt% of toluene, polymer polydimethylsiloxane solution (PDMS) (sylgard 184) and its thermal cross-linkerfor producing a low surface energy polymer coating, drying the galvanized steel in air for 1-15 mins and annealing the galvanized steel at 100°C-120 for 30 min-60 min. As per the superhydrophobic principle, a surface needs to have hierarchical roughness (from nanometer to micrometer) as well as coating of low surface energy material. Thereby a wet etching route to create hierarchical surface roughness on GI steel has been adopted. Superhydrophobic galvanized steel obtained from above process has properties such as corrosion resistivity, self-cleaning property, stability, simple process and water drag reduction property. The process is also comparatively less costly.


Mr. Shyam Kumar Choudhary (Tata Steel), Mr. PAVAN KUMAR BIJALWAN (Tata Steel), Mr. SUMITESH DAS (Tata Steel), Mr. Subhash Singha (Student, IITK), Ms. Anuradha Kumari (Student, IITK), Dr. Krishnacharya (Physics)



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