A Process for Manufacturing Horseshoes

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention is a simple process of making horseshoes. A horseshoe is fashioned by the traditional method using the medium carbon steel rod. The horseshoe is then allowed to air cool to room temperature before being re-austenitized. Post re-austenitization, the horseshoe may either be quenched in graphite powder or force air-cooled with a fan. The resulting horseshoe lasts for about four weeks when compared to 5-10 days of the conventional process. The increased mechanical strength that leads to increased wear resistance in the horseshoes is due to faster cooling that enables formation of a much finer pearlite and/or fine bainite microstructure. This horseshoe has better hardness values and tensile strengths and the wear resistance of the horseshoes is considerably enhanced.


Dr.Sandeep Sangal (MSE), Dr.Kallol Mondal(MSE), Mr.K.Chandrashekhar(Technical of ficer), Mr.Abhinav Varshney (PhD Student, MSE), Ms. Swati Sharma (Former PhD Student)



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