A Process for Synthesis of Nano Particles of LiNi0.5C0.5PO4 (LNCP) and Use Thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Invention is the synthesis and use of different shaped LiCo0.5Ni0.5PO4 nano composites as cathodes for high voltage conventional, thin and flexible Li-ion batteries. There is a novel approach of Co doping at 4a site of Ni enhances Li-ion mobility and electrical conductivity of LNCP nano composite. Three different shaped nano particle of LNCP are synthesized by supercritical fluid hydrothermal method and used as cathodes for high voltage conventional, thin and micro-fibrous flexible Li-ion batteries. Lithium phosphates based Li-ion batteries achieved great interest due to high energy density, long lifetime, and are widely used in portable electronics, automobiles, aerospace, power grid, defense applications. Li-ion batteries are suitable for electric vehicles(EV), hybrid EVs.


Dr. Kamal Krishna Kar (ME & MSP), Dr. J. Ramkumar (ME & MSP), Mr. Kiran Kumar Surthi (PhD. Student, MSP)



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