A Process for Synthesizing Defective Titanium Oxide (TiO2) Microspheres Coated Glass Beads

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Rapid industrialization in India has resulted in significant pollution of water bodies including river, lake, and pond, the industrial effluents being the major cause of such pollution. The pharmaceutical plants use several types of organic compounds in processing. These compounds are present in significant quantities in the aqueous effluents, and therefore, the effluents must be effectively treated before discharging them to water bodies. We have developed a continuous reactor prototype comprising defective-TiO2 particles immobilized over glass beads and demonstrated efficient visible light photocatalytic degradation of emerging pharmaceutical pollutant (antipyrine) under continuous operation. We have used a simple hydrothermal technique for the synthesis of TiO2 microspheres. Further, we have used chemical reduction method for the formation of defective-TiO2 microspheres. Excellent photocatalytic activity and recyclability indicate that defective-TiO2 microspheres exhibit a promising future material utilizing solar energy towards wastewater treatment applications. Development of continuous reactor with visible light photocatalyst is very important for large scale wastewater treatment. Most of the photocatalysts used for degradation of pharmaceutical pollutants are UV active and are used for batch scale operation. For large scale application of wastewater treatment, our developed continuous reactor prototype comprising defective-TiO2 particles immobilized over glass beads exhibits excellent photocatalytic activity and recyclability for degradation of emerging pharmaceutical pollutants (antipyrine). Here, our designed reactor and photocatalyst preparation techniques can be used for wastewater treatment applications in continuous operation in near future.


Dr. Raju Kumar Gupta (ChE), Mr. Prasenjit Kar (Post-Doc Student, ChE), Mr. Deepanshu Aggarwal (M.Tech Student, ChE), Mr. Pratyush Jain (Research Student, ChE)



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