A Prosthetic Assembly with Dynamic Ankle Joint

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Invention is a prosthetic limb assembly for above knee prosthesis. Ihis relates to prosthetic limb with dynamic ankle joint for stable, flexible and near to human GAIT motion. It provide a light weight prosthetic foot to accommodate the small deflections when stepping on uneven surfaces. The assembly comprising a sach-lectic foot piece, with resilient means and adapted to accommodate deflections caused during walking on uneven surface, a dynamic ankle joint adapted to provide dorsiflexion motion by hinge mechanism, joint comprises of an ankle top having a restricting means of three rods, adapted to provide restricted and the joint comprises of four bar linkage means, and a universal end pin coupled to linkage means, capable to be adapted according to the length of the limb between knee joint and ankle of patient. It is low cost, light weight and efficient for above knee prosthetic for the amputees.


Dr.Neeraj Sinha(Assistant Professor,ME), Mr.Indveer Singh(Student,ME), Mr.Jose Philip(Student,ME)



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