A Sample Extraction Device and Operation method Thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to a device for the extraction/pulling out of pathological tissue samples from wax blocks. Basically it provides a tissue microarrayer and its method of operation. Its a device characterized for extraction of tissue sample by using negative pressure behind the sample inside the tip, also a hand held device, easy to use in which the dexterity of all the fingers are used to push down on the handles along with the leverage of the handle which is customized to make it easier to push and eject the clinical sample. This invention is a cost-effective, hand operable clinical tissue extracting pathological device which solves the problems encountered during extraction of tissue sample by using existing conventional methods.


Mr. Pushpal Dey (DP), Dr. J. Ramkumar (ME), Dr. Vinita Agarwal (SGPGIMS)



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