A Sensor System and Method Thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Invention is a wearable temperature patch. There are two key inventive steps, the first is separation of temperature probe from the rest of temperature readout circuit. The second is fabrication of temperature probe in the form of a flexible patch such that while the temperature sensitive element namely the thermistor is always in contact with the body under the armpit, the probe pads attached to it are placed at a convenient location such as the shoulder. These two steps allows convenient and almost instantaneous measurement of axillary temperature over an extended period of time not limited by battery discharge limitations and safety concerns arising due to proximal location of electrical power source and radio frequency waves to the body. The invention fills the gap between conventional digital thermometers which are used only when a temperature reading is required and the wearable thermometers that are continuously worn and send the temperature data wirelessly at intermittent intervals.


Dr. Baquer Mazhari (EE), Mr. Biswanath Panda (REO, Samtel), Mr. Suraj Malik (Samtel)



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