A Smartphone Based Microscope

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention, generally relates to a smartphone based microscope system, and in particular relate to a stage suitable for smartphone based microscope system. The stage includes a support base and a plurality of actuators attached to the support base, the plurality of actuators comprising X-actuator , Y-actuator , and Z-actuator. The stage further includes a flat planer surface attached to the Z-actuator and configured to receive a smartphone . The stage further includes a tray attached to the X- actuator and Y-actuator, the tray configured to receive an object whose magnified image is required to be captured by the phone based microscope. The stage further includes a light source attached to the support base and configured to illuminate the object . The X-actuator and the Y-actuator are configured to be adjusted so as to bring a portion of the object vertically below a camera of smartphone , and wherein the Z-actuator are configured to be adjusted so as to focus the camera of the smartphone on the portion of the object .


Dr.Animangsu Ghatak,CHE, Mr.Abhijit Chandra Roy,CHE & Mr.Ravindra Vishwakarma,CHE



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