A Non-invasive Nanoparticle Based Sustained Release Ocular Drug Delivery System for the Treatment of Anterior and/or Posterior Eye Diseases

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention involves the fabrication of a core-shell nanoparticulate drug delivery system composed of polycaprolactone (PCL) core and pluronic® F-68 (PF68) shell. The fabricated delivery system is able to sustain the release of entrapped therapeutic agent(s) for longer time durations. In addition, the delivery system has the ability to interact with the mucus as a consequence, reduces the clearance of drug from ocular tissues. Further, the drug delivery system is able to infiltrate through the ocular tissue barriers in order to offer higher bioavailability of the administered medicaments to the posterior eye especially retina. The developed system is capable of delivering drug for prolonged time (sustained drug delivery) so as to offer therapeutic effect for longer time durations. Hence, currently available invasive intravitreal injections can be substituted with the developed system (non-invasive) so as to enhance patient compliance for the treatment of posterior eye diseases.


Dr. D. S. Katti (BSBE), Mr. Binapani Mahaling (PhD Student, BSBE), Mr. Dadi A Srinivasrao (PhD Student, BSBE)



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