A System and Method for Detection of Keystroke using Defocus

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention is a portable laser projection/paper printed keyboard that can be accompanied with a smartphone or a tablet device for typing, thereby eliminating the need for a physical type-writer style keyboard.The keystroke detection will be carried out solely using the front-camera of the device and there is no need for any external hardware to assist the keystroke detection. The approach employed for this task processes the images captured by the camera in real time and provides the advantage of being computationally inexpensive and highly accurate. The invention can be used by any smartphone or tablet user who is not comfortable with typing on a touchscreen since it reduces the screen space available for viewing, and hinders the flexibility of a user to type using all fingers. Working people who need to edit documents on the go and cannot do so without access to a full-fledged keyboard would find this very useful and convenient.


Mr. Tushar Goswamy (Student, AE), Mr. Priyanshu Gupta (Student, CSE), Mr. Himanshu Kumar (PhD Student, EE), Dr. K. S. Venkatesh (EE)



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