A Two-step Method for Preparation of Micron Sized, Nano-porous Powder Particles

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention discloses a two-step, simple and economic method for preparation of nanoporous silver powder material. The method involves step of mechanical alloying of elemental metallic powders of zinc and silver, in definite proportion through milling followed by a dealloying step. The binary alloy prepared is treated with an electrolyte for required duration of time for dealloying, which results in leaching of zinc from the alloy and leaving behind, micron size, silver powder particles with well interconnected pores, in range of 100-150 nm. The nanoporous silver obtained is having a very high surface area therefore highly suitable for catalytic purpose.


Mr.Bharat Bhushan(PhD Student), Dr.K.Mondal (MSE), Dr.B.S.Murty(MME,IIT Madras)



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