A Wireless Pressure Sensor Node for an Inflatable Structure

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Invention is a wireless pressure sensor node for inflatable structures. Inflatable systems are pressurized structures which find applications in a variety of fields such as space, robotics, advertisements and many more. The internal pressure is the defining parameter for any such structure and is responsible for the size and shape it acquires. The sensor node includes a first side, where the first side includes a pressure sensor configured to measure pressure of the inflatable structure. The first side also includes a port, where the first end of the port is coupled to the pressure sensor using a substrate and a second end of the port is configured to be coupled with the inflatable structure. The sensor node further includes a second side, wherein the second side includes a wireless transceiver chip configured to communicate measured pressure to a gateway device on a predefined frequency range by creating a meshing network. This can be directly mounted on the inflatable structure.


Mr. Aman Garg (Sr. Proj. Associate, ME), Mr. Chinthulal V. S. (Proj. Engineer, ME), Dr. Bishakh Bhattacharya (ME), Dr. Devender Gupta (SGPGI)



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