An Apparatus for Shadow-mask Deposition and Method Thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

This invention relates to the field of thin film vacuum deposition using shadow mask deposition, and particularly relates to an apparatus and method for shadow-mask deposition with the capability of changing unlimited number of in situ shadow mask. This invention provides a shadow mask deposition apparatus and method for deposition of film on one or more substrates. The apparatus comprises a holder assembly provided in a deposition chamber, adapted to hold and/or rotate a substrate holder and at least one mask holder, wherein substrate holder comprises the substrates and said mask holder comprises one or more mask of at least one pattern. The substrates and the masks are in alignment with each other. The apparatus further comprises a load lock chamber to load and unload the substrate holder with substrates and/or mask holder with masks into deposition chamber through a gate valve.


Anukul Prasad Parhi Reseach Scholar Physics ,Prof.S.Sundar Kumar Iyer,EE



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