An Efficient Writing Tool for Visually Impaired

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention is a device and a method for learning and teaching mathematics, the alphabet, phonics, Braille, color, geometry, tactile discrimination, and vocabulary. Here a writing, Braille and drawing board for the blind or visually impaired is described. In one implementation, a slate is provided that can be used by a person to write any languages (such as but not limited to English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, German, French or for that matter any languages) and to perform mathematical calculations. The slate solves the problems of writing and performing mathematical operations in a single device which uses the same technique which visually impaired people have learnt for writing in an affordable and user friendly package. The slate includes two plates, a stencil and a stylus. The bottom plate has raised dots and the stylus tip has depression which gives helps in embossing the texts. A single column stencil covering just one line helps in exposing other part of the page which can be read without taking out the paper. The slate has ability to allow writing left to right and enable the user to read and write at the same time. User can also read the already written text without removing paper from the slate.


Sachin NP(Student,DP), Prof.Shantanu Bhattacharya(ME),Vimal C (Student,DP), Prof.Satyaki Roy(DP)



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