An IGZO Based Dual Gate Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Dual gate ion sensitive field effect transistors (DGISFETs) have attracted attention due to the ability to provide pH sensitivity values several times the Nernst limit. The interfaces in the device – the TG (top gate) dielectric electrolyte, the semiconductor-top gateTG dielectric, the bottom gate (BG) dielectric-semiconductor, play a critical role. Most of the devices use a single dielectric and this has problems – e.g., while TG dielectric materials may interface well with the electrolyte they may interface poorly with the semiconductor – and this affects the device performance. A solution is provided in this invention. Stacks of dielectrics have the potential to provide a better performance by taking advantage of the beneficial properties of the constituent layers – and are exploited here.


Dr. Sddhartha Panda (ChE), Ms. Deepa Bhatt (PhD Student, MSP), Mr. Narendra Kumar (Former PhD Student MSP)



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