An Impaction Based Air Sampling Apparatus with a Rotatory of F-centric Nozzle and a Method Thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention provides an impactor based air sampling apparatus with off centric nozzle on an impaction nozzle plate which reduces the particle bounce back tendency significantly. With the help of off-centric nozzle on an impaction plate, the apparatus enables the use of multiple point locations of the impactor substrate for particle deposition instead of a single centre point. It optimizes the usage of impactor substrate area and evenly distribute the total particle load to circular locus due to the rotation of the impaction nozzle plate with respect to the fixed impaction plate at certain angle after successive time intervals. Hence by distributing particle loading to multiple points, it not only reduce the particle bounce back tendency but also maintain the constancy of S/W ratio which characterizes the impactor. This impactor based air sampling apparatus provides better collection efficiency with reduced level of particle bounce back and with consistent characterization (maintaining greater constancy in S/W ratio) over time than existing impactor based air sampling apparatus.


Dr.Tarun Gupta(CE),Mr.Kaniska Biswas(PhD Student,DP), Mr.Santosh Pramanik(J.Tech Superintendent)



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