An Integrated Solar Energy Harvesting and Storage Container

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention relates to solar based containers, and more particularly to a storage container with an integrated solar energy harvesting unit, it provides a portable storage container with integrated solar harvesting capability which overcome the drawback of the conventional solar portable systems, it provides a storage bin or a container that can be mounted on a vehicle for convenient transportation. It is an integrated solar energy harvesting and storage container, comprising at least one base plate and two side plates joined at the sides to the base plate, wherein the side plate is foldable. At least two top covers having plurality of solar energy harvesting modules for generating power according to solar radiation, and said top cover movably coupled to side plates, wherein, during open configuration, base plate, side plate and top cover, extended to form a container structure for storing one or more items, while during close configuration, the internal space of said container is resize to form a solar energy harvester for generating and/or storing power.


Prof.Sameer Khandekar,ME and Prof.Bishakh Bhattacharya,ME



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