An Organic Thermistor

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention is in the field of thermistors, an organic thermistor having negative temperature coefficient, a thermistor with linear current voltage characteristics using organic semiconductor. Linearity over a large voltage range is obtained with series connected zero built-in voltage devices. It comprises of two terminals with a semiconductor material sandwiched there between. The first terminal comprises of a hole transport layer positioned over an injection electrode while the second terminal comprises a hole transport layer positioned below a collection electrode. The two terminals are such that the built-in voltage of the device (Vbi) is zero. The organic thermistor is unipolar where both injection and collection electrodes possess similar properties. The terminals are chosen such that the barrier height for carrier injection is low.


Dr. B. Mazhari (EE), Mr. Syed M. H. Rizvi (Student, DP)



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