Apparatus and Method for Real Time Foreground Extraction

Non-Confidential description of the invention

This invention relates to the field of image capture and more particularly relates to an apparatus and method for real time foreground extraction using a color filter with IR pass elements for computer vision applications. There is an apparatus and method for real time foreground extraction, comprising means for controlled illumination of IR, a uniform colour filter array for selectively sensing visible spectral energy and infrared spectral energy, and a processing means to apply an extraction algorithm for computing the difference in intensity of the two IR images, wherein colour filter array form an RGBI filter pattern. The images are taken in quick succession in the presence and absence of IR illumination and passed through RGBI colour filter array to form images, which are processed to separate colour and IR images, then the said IR image data is processed with an algorithm at each respective pixel for real time foreground extraction.


Saumik Bhattacharya(EE,Student), Megha Nahwal(EE,Student), Prof.K.S.Venkatesh(EE)



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