Automated Integrated multi parameter recorder and water sampling equipment and method thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention provides a system and method for water sampling having multiparameter recorder and automatic water sampling equipment for collecting water samples. The system and method for automatic water sampling for moving and still water bodies designed to be triggered with both time intervals and/or sudden event detections from multi-parameter recorder sensors. The system comprising the automated water sampler equipment is triggered by a processing means not only at pre-specified time intervals but also by various events detected by the sensors in the multi-parameter recorder. The equipment will have no moving parts requiring high precision of rotary motion, thus making it more robust. The equipment may be designed so that it can be used in variety of water bodies like wells, rivers, ponds, sea, riverbanks and the like. These instruments when deployed along the length of a stream can provide data for mapping groundwater discharge and recharge zones in the stream.


Mr.K Sri harsha,Civil Student(HWRE), Dr.Shivam tripathi(Asst Prof.,CE),Abhijeet Verma,Student AE, Sunil Nishad, Junior Technician,CE



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