Bionicli: Affordable Bionic Prosthetic Hand for Transradial Amputee

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Invention is an artificial hand. The cases of amputation from the road and household accidents in India have increased due to a number of factors, amputees have to suffer and have limited ability to perform daily tasks. The design eliminates any surgical operations to be done on the body of the amputee by developing a universal socket arm. The benefits of having a prosthetic hand that is capable of maintaining the conformity in mimicking the hand and hence an artificial hand with enhanced capabilities and functionalities. Capable of mimicking the human hand anatomy with fingers, thumb, and palm, grasping cylindrical objects and pinching a paper or a card. The dexterous maneuver of the fingers and thumb with respect to the stimulus, and faster movement of the distal phalanx as compared to the proximal phalanx.


Mr. Nishant Agarwal (Student, ME), Dr. Niraj Sinha (ME), Dr. Pankaj Wahi (ME)



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