Breathalyzer for Disease Detection

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention is a breath analyzing device, and more particularly a portable breathalyzing device that is capable of multi-analyte detection. It is an analyzing system for disease detection. Apparatus is portable, and is cost effective. The breathalyzer comprises of a blowing with filter section, a flow distribution system, and sensor holder section. The invention includes the provision to enable the use of multiple sensors for multi-analyte detection, facilitates the use of thin film sensors on thin substrates which can be easily replaced, has a flow distribution system that enables equal flow rate and fluid composition reaching each sensor film, includes the element of flexibility of having a design specific angle (within 15 and 60 degrees) at which the breath impinges on the sensor surface.


Dr.Siddhartha Panda (ChE), Ms.Mousumi Sinha (PhD Student,ChE)



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