Conductive Aqua Nano-ink Formulation for a Range of Writing Instruments

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention relates to a nanoparticle based aqueous conductive ink formulation comprising a water-soluble thixotropic polymer and fine dispersion of metal nanoparticles in water in a suitable ratio. The ink formulated is eco-friendly and can be filled into various writing devices such as a pen to form print traces on eco-friendly flexible substrates. The line traces thus formed are electrically conducting as nanoparticles form a percolative path on evaporation of the solvent via a chemically- driven self-sintering phenomenon. A method of producing metal-nanoparticle ink with uniform size and shape and which is suitable for mass production is described.


Dr. M. L. Rao (Proj. Scientist, NCFlexi), Dr. Y. N. Mohapatra (Physics), Dr. Ashish (Sr. R E, NCFlexi)



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