Device and method for nano-polishing of inner surface of tubes of varying sections

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to the field of nano finishing of internal surface and more specifically, relates to design of a device and method for cleaning and nano-polishing of the inner surface of a nonferromagnetic member like tubes, channels and ducts using magnetorheological fluid. It is a device and method for nano-finishing of inner surface of workpiece of varying cross section with magnetorheological (MR) fluid, comprising of at least one optical motion table, a pair of push pull syringe pump mechanically coupled to form of a bridge design to accommodate the said workpiece to provide the MR fluid in a reciprocating manner for polishing, an arrangement of coils to provide controlled magnetic field for motion of MR fluid. These coils generate rotating magnetic field equivalent to sinusoidal current spaced in time by 90˚ with the use of modulated width of square pulses and by providing reciprocating and taylor-bubble flow to the fluid in the tubes to clean and polish at a higher polishing rate.


Dr.Sameer Khandekar(ME), Mr.Navneet Singh(Student,ME), Mr.Piyush Jain(Student,ME),Mr.Varun Rai(Student,ME)



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