Device for Calibration Free Monitoring of Fluid Level and Method Thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention discloses a device and method for monitoring fluid level using the rate of change in capacitance with time along with a non uniform electrode. The device and method is simple to use and does not require any pre-calibration with respect to either the nature of the fluid container or the fluid inside. This invention describes an electronic system that can monitor the state of the Intravenous(IV) administration set and alert the attending staff regarding blockage or emptying of the IV bottle thereby leading not only to improvement in the efficiency of the attending staff but also improved health outcomes for the patient.


Dr. Baquer Mazhari (EE), Mr. Biswanath Panda (REO, SMTEL), Mr. Vignesh Tirumalai Govindasamy (Sr. Proj. Associate, SAMTEL), Mr. Suraj Malik (Proj. Engg, SAMTEL)



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