Development of agar based bioplastics by cross-linking with diisocyanates

Non-Confidential description of the invention

A cost effective biopolymer, agar extracted from seaweeds for its application as bioplastic. The moderate strength and high water absorption property of agar restricted its applicability as bioplastic material. We cross-linked agar by diisocyanates for the first time to limit the water absorption and improved the mechanical properties. There were three kinds of diisocyanates, two aromatic [1, 4 Phenyl Diisocyanate (PDI) and 4, 4 Diphenyl Diisocyanate (DDI)] and one aliphatic [1, 6 Hexamethylene Diisocyanate (HDI)] used for cross-linking agar. Aromatic diisocyanate cross-linked agar more efficiently than the aliphatic diisocyanate due to higher reactivity. It was confirmed from the FTIR spectra that carbamate cross-link network was formed in the cross-linked agar. Cross-linking with diisocyanates improved the mechanical and thermal properties of agar with a noticeable reduction in the water uptake. Moreover, the role of cross-linker shape is observed on cross-linked agar properties. Agar cross-linked with PDI and DDI has higher strength and thermal resistance than the HDI cross-linked agar. It showed that PDI, DDI cross-linked agar efficiently than HDI due to higher reactivity.


Dr.Vivek Verma (MSE), Dr.Ramanathan Gurunath (Chem), Mr. Amit Kumar Sonker(Research Scholar,MSE),Mr.Mezigebu Belay(Research Scholar,MSE), Mr.KousarJahan(Research Scholar,MSE)



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