Electrospun Fibrous Nanomat Composition and a Method of Synthesizing the Same for Cancer Cell Detection

Non-Confidential description of the invention

Invention is a nanofiber mesh conjugated with peptide bound folic acid that specifically binds to cancer cells. Some epithelial-derived cancerous cells overexpress folate receptors like ovarian, breast, renal, lung ,colorectal and brain. Circulating tumor cells have recently emerged as important potential biomarkers of diagnosis, evaluation of treatment effect, and prognosis in several of these epithelial cancers. For early detection of such cancer cells these folic acids conjugated mesh can be a novel early detection tool.


Ms. Gagandeep Kaur (PhD Student, Chem.), Ms. Savita Kumari (ESNPL), Ms. Piyali Saha (Student, BSBE), Mr. Sandip Patil (ESNPL), Dr. Subramaniam Ganesh (BSBE), Dr. Sandeep Verma (Chem.)



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