Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of Waste Tyre Recycled Activated Carbon as an Anode in Li-ion Battery

Non-Confidential description of the invention

A synthetic procedure to obtain high performance carbon material from waste tires for to be used as anode in Li-ion batteries is disclosed. The method comprising the steps of modifying the surface and structural characteristics of the pyrolyzed char by treatment with a strong acid, followed by a weak acid, wherein the acid treatment completely removes all the inorganic impurities present in the pyrolytic char, creating mesopores. Activating Carbon mesopores with a strong base that results in a high specific surface area amorphous carbon, wherein activation generates additional meso/micropores in the carbon resulting in an increased number of lithium insertion sites. Combine the resultant Carbon with its well-developed porous structure to enhance its electrochemical performance with high Li storage.


Dr.Ashutosh Sharma (CHE),Mr.Rudra Kumar(Student,CHE) & Ms.Shilpa(Student,CHE)



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