Ergonomic Retractable Novel Stair

Non-Confidential description of the invention

This innovation depicts the design of a novel retractable stair system for Indian Railway to facilitate ease to the passengers to access/climb the middle and upper berths. With this stair design, the existing difficulties of climbing up and down in the present scenario of Indian Railway is believed to be reduced to a significant level. 3 retractable steps are introduced, the first one at the level of the lower berth, the second one at the level of halfway between the lower and middle berth and the third one at the level of middle berth. These are proper step provided in a limited space. Steps are assigned in a zigzag orientation for better space utilization. The widths of the steps are decreased gradually from bottom to top to incur the slope of a conventional stair without actually providing the slope. A spring loaded bolt is designed to lock the steps at its retracted position.


Mr. Kaniska Biswas (PhD Student, DP), Mr. Pushpal Dey (RA,DP), Ms. Esha Ray (Student, Earth Sciences), Dr. B. Bhattacharya (ME), Dr. Tarun Gupta (CE)



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