Flexible Supercapacitors Utilizing Electrochemically Active Materials Based Nanocomposite Hybrid Electrodes and Method of Manufacturing Thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention provides a method for fabrication of super capacitor cells using electrochemically active material based nanocomposite hybrid electrodes. A fibrous flexible super capacitors is fabricated by using hierarchical 3D brush-like electrode architecture consisting of PPY electropolymerized on oxidized-CNTs grown on carbon fibres (CFs) (OCNTF). The hierarchical 3D brush-like OCNTF/PPY nanocomposites is utilized used as electrode cum current collectors for fabricating flexible super capacitor cells. Electrically conducting, highly bendable CFs are used both as mechanical support for OCNTF/PPY nanocomposites and current collectors for the super capacitor cells. It will help in avoiding the agglomeration of CNTs in the nanocomposite. No separate current collectors is required in these flexible super capacitors. Further, the OCNTF/PPY nanocomposite electrodes based super capacitor cells exhibits high bendability, high specific capacitance, possess good cycling life along with a lower production cost.


Dr.Kamal K Kar(ME), Mr. Jayesh Cherusuri(Student,ME)



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