Force Measurement Arrangement

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention in general relates to measurement of forces, more particularly to anarrangement for measurement of forces in all three axes. It provides a novel method to measure the forces developed due to an internal flow or a jet. The novelty as well as the usefulness lies in the fact that the measurement can be made with minimal changes in a setup, in terms of space occupied. This is achieved by mounting the sensors in a specific arrangement, on a flow carrying element which can replace part of the pre-existing duct or conduit. Such measurements of forces is routinely carried out in jet engine and rocket motor nozzle characterization studies.


Dr. Abhijit Kushari (AE), Dr. C.S. Upadhyay (AE), Mr. Rajat Arora (PhD Student, AE), Mr. Chandra Sekar T. (PhD Student, AE), Mr. Keerthi M.C. (PhD Student, AE), Mr. Ramraj H. Sundararaj (PhD Student, AE)



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