Hand Exoskeleton for Assisting Stroke Patients in Full Extension Exercise of Three Fingers and Grasping/ball-squeezing Exercising

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The hand exoskeleton design involves a four-bar linkage each for the thumb and the index finger, and is connected to the respective fingers via hinged attachments. The index and middle fingers are actuated by a single four-bar linkage. The two linkages are mounted on a fixture which includes an arm-rest for providing comfort. The design is optimized to generate finger motion of a healthy human being involved in full extension and grasping/squeezing tasks. The design is specifically targeted for assisting in full-extension and grasping/ball-squeezing exercises for physiotherapy of stroke patients`. The design is minimalistic in complexity, 3D printable and is autonomous making it portable for easy installation in hospitals or homes.


Mr. Shyam Sunder nishad (PhD Student, ME), Mr. Anirban Choudhary (PhD Student, ME), Dr. Ashish Dutta(ME), Dr. Anupam Saxena(ME)



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