High Performance Thermoelectric Material with High Electrical Conductivity and Power Factor and Method of Manufacturing the Same

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to thermoelectric materials for use in non-conventional power sources and to the fabrication of a semiconductor carbon nanocomposite based thermoelectric power generator. It is a method of fabrication of a thermoelectric material synthesized from a number of elements including Lead(Pb) and Selenide(Se) and a carbon content material such as Graphene/ reduced Graphene oxide. The nanostructures of carbon present in Graphene/ reduced Graphene oxide material are embedded into the semiconductor material in form of nanoinclusions to form a nanocomposite of the thermoelectric material. The present PbSe:Gr nanocomposite can be effectively used for the manufacturing of the thermoelectric generator having high performance at of low working temperature i.e hot-end temperature of 400K and more.


Dr.Kamal K Kar(ME), Mr.Chhatrasal Gayner (Research Scholar,MSE), Mr.Raghunandan Sharma (Post Doc,ME), Dr.Malay K Das(ME)



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