Highly porous earthenware material with high damping property and method thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to the field of earthenware material. It provides the composition and process for developing highly porous earthenware material with high damping property. The porous structure of Earthenware allows the inside water to come to the outer surface and continuous evaporation of this water takes away heat from inside mass and allows inside temperature to drop, thus enables the earthenware to act as small cold storage. Hence, if the porosity of the earthenware can be enhanced without affecting or even improvement in the mechanical properties, better evaporative cooling effect will be attained. In order to achieve the objective, modification in the market available clay, used for making ghara or kullar, has been carried out by adding Sawdust in fine raw clay in various proportions. The mixture is then pulverized through ball milling for several hours followed by making earthenware by sintering. Generally earthenware has a water absorption capacity of 8-12% with low mechanical strength. The results show the optimized sintered clay has a water absorption capacity of about 43%, which is substantially higher than the present market available earthenware. Due to highly porous nature, the sintered clay has 10 times better specific damping capacity than Brass and 5 times better than that of Ceramic Floor Tiles


Mr. Shubhankar Khara (M.Tech Student, MSE), Mr. Jayesh Zambre (B.Tech Student, MSE), Dr. Sandeep Sangal (MSE), Dr. Kallol Mondal (MSE), Dr. Bishakh Bhattacharya (ME), Mr. Ashim Bose (Dr. Virendra Swarup Education Centre)



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