Hybrid Controlled Arrangement to Achieve Linear Electrical to Acoustic Conversion and Method Thereof

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The invention relates to the field of sound engineering, more specifically to the field of audio system. It relates to a hybrid controlled arrangement to achieve a linear electric signals into acoustic signals during a switch-mode amplification. It’s an arrangement having hybrid control circuit unit to achieve linear electric to acoustic conversion over an audio frequency range in an amplifier-loudspeaker combination. The hybrid control circuit unit is provided with a non-linear controlled amplifier unit and linear controller. The arrangement ensures an algebraic relationship between a switch-mode amplifier input signal and speaker driving current so as to establish meaningful linearity between the electrical input and acoustic signals. Invention establishes electric to acoustic linearity by amplifying each of the frequency component present in audio signal with same algebraic gain. Hence, the hybrid arrangement makes the output acoustic sound signal natural by use of single full range driver making it low cost high efficiency technique. The present invention is also compatible to use with multichannel audio systems.


Dr.P.Sensarma,EE & Dr.Sridhar Joshi(PhD Student,EE)



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