Improved Method for Extraction of Lipopolysaccharide

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention relates to a two-step method for extraction of lipopolysaccharide from Gram negative bacteria, its an improved method for extraction of lipopolysaccharide with enhanced yield and purity. The method comprising steps of supplementing a culture with a culturing supplementing agent during early log phase of growth and inducing the release of lipopolysaccharide by the effect of a chelating agent during late exponential growth phase and treating the cells recovered from above steps with an antibiotic and subjecting the cells to a modified hot phenol extraction (HPE). It provides a sequential approach for the extraction of LPS using both non-capsulated and capsulated bacteria.


Prof.D.S.Katti(BSBE), Mr.Nadim Ahmad (PhD Student,BSBE)



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