Iron Based Amorphous Alloys using High-phosphorous Blast Furnace Grade Hot Metal

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The present invention relates to Fe based complete or partial amorphous alloy compositions of varying glass forming abilities derived by suitable alloying with P, B, Nb, Cr and Mo (either one or in combination) in blast furnace grade hot metal used as base melt in varying quantities. Objective is to maximize amount of high phosphorus containing blast furnace hot metal to achieve cost effectiveness of the Fe based amorphous alloys. Achieving composition of the amorphous alloys with enhanced glass forming ability. The external alloys are minimal to achieve cost effectiveness.


Dr. Kallol Mondal(MSE),Mr.V.Venkatesh(IITK), Mr. Nilanjan Mahata(IITK), Mr.Abhishek Pathak(Tata Steel), Mr. Pavan Bijalwan(Tata Steel), Mr.Atanu Banerjee(Tata Steel)



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