Low Nox Fuel Port Array Burner for Emission Control

Non-Confidential description of the invention

The current innovation is a suitable alternative to the existing burner design which is generally a normal jet diffusion flame or a high velocity central air jet with a coaxial fuel jet. The capability of the current invention is that the NOx emission is much lesser when compared to other conventional burner configurations. The flame is soot free with higher heat flux. The existing industrial burners are limited in its application due to high particulate and soot loading characteristics. This innovative technology has a high velocity central air jet surrounded by low velocity fuel jets arranged circumferentially around this central air jet. The turbulent central air jet for this present innovative method is fed through an elliptical port and fuel is fed through 32 fuel ports. The elliptical port configuration helps to entrain fuel towards the central jet due to axis switching and difference in relative velocity of air-fuel jets which enhances mixing characteristics. Due to this, efficient combustion is possible which reduces the NOx emissions.


Dr. Debi Prasad Mishra (AE), Mr. Vishnu Hariharan (Research Scholar, AE)



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